Snow Adventures

Friday I had an unexpected break in my plans, so I decided to take the kids on a snow hike. We try to take one every year, but I wasn't sure we'd get around to it this year. We had a good 10 inches on the ground (which is kind of a lot around here), so I was sure the woods were filled with wintery treasures, and hidden adventures.

I bundled the kids up and took them to the park that's around the corner from our house. I sort of tricked them by promising that we could play on the mountains of snow that had surely been created as the snow plows that had cleared the parking lots. But I knew full well that we'd find more than just a 6 foot mountain of snow to climb on. We attempted a trail hike, but tromping through snow that deep isn't really that fun, (if only we'd had skis) so our hike was predictably short. But our outing wasn't a total loss, we also found some wicked icicles on the playground equipment, made a decent sized snow fort (on top of the snow mountains in the parking lot), had an epic snowball fight, and found a natural snow cave under a pile of fallen tree logs.

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Dad said...

Anybody interested in learning how to make snow shoes from stuff you find in the woods?


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