seeking joy...

Our family took quite the pounding last week, and by Friday we were all a little ragged around the edges. My goal for the weekend was to find joy. Lots and lots of joy and happiness. The crazy magical kind of joy that fills your heart to overflowing, then comes dripping out of your pores. The kind of joy that will stick with you when life gets hard again.
That's what I wanted for Mother's Day.
So on Saturday morning we polled the kids to figure out what would be the most fun way to spend our day. We came up with a free form plan that included our bikes, the park, a yummy dinner, movies from the library, and a tasty treat for desert.
Now we were talking. I saw my first glimpse of that crazy magical joy chasing my daughters down the bike trails at full speed, and another glimpse while throwing the ball around with Alex. Before Saturday was over my joy tank was mostly full, but my quest wasn't quite complete.
I am convinced that friends are one of God's biggest blessings in this life. And a good joy seeking weekend isn't complete without lunch with your dearest friends. We have a family from church who regularly invites us over for Sunday lunch, which usually turns into a game of backyard baseball, cokes on the porch, marshmallows around the fire pit, and the Petersons straggling home at bedtime.
Sunday evening found me snuggled up in bed with a good book, a piece of pie, and a smile on my face. The kind of smile that doesn't wash off easily. My quest was complete. I had found my joy.

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