(nearly) wordless wednesday

frozen Marblehead
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Dear Max: Year 10

Dear Max

It’s finally come and gone. The day you’ve been looking forward to, dreaming of, and talking about for 364 days. That’s right. Yesterday was the best day on your calendar. Your birthday.  Some of us enjoy birthday week, but you’d really prefer if we celebrated birthday year. As in it’s your birthday every single day of the year. Which amuses me to no extent.

Birthdays are such a big deal in your little world. Like who needs Christmas, Disneyland or summer vacation when you can just have a birthday. Or tell someone else happy birthday. The yucky parts of your past make it so hard for you to remember even the most basic lessons your teachers teach you at school, but you never forget someone’s birthday. Ever. You cherish each person’s special day like it was your own.

Which also amuses me to no extent.

So this year on your birthday I can tell you what your first mama told me about the day you were born. You came at 3:50 AM, and you were a tiny little guy. It’s not much information, but it’s more than I knew about your special day last year. Maybe someday we will have more details about that cold winter night in northern Russia when you were so tiny and sweet in your first mom’s arms. But for now we’ll use our imagination.  

Happy birthday to my favorite outside playin-diving board jumpin-lego enthusiast-chatterbox of a boy. Hope your special day lived up to all the dreams that you had.




Inch 84 - We don't hate you.

For our 15th snow day of 2014 we chose to not be angry.
Some of us did not panic because our schedule was disrupted (again).

We did not bulk as our 84th inch of snow fell out of the sky, and the temperature dipped below zero (again).

We took ourselves out to see the ice floes on Lake Erie,

and checked out the cool phenomenon known as blue ice, which is common in arctic glaciers, but rather rare in the great lakes region (and is rather hard to photograph in broad daylight).

And we decided that inch 84 wasn't so bad after all.


(nearly) wordless wednesday

Just. Not. Fair.


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Mealtime devotions with AIO and a FREEBIE!

My lovely friends at Focus on the Family have done it again! This time they’ve sent me their newest family devotion, AIO’s Whit’s End Mealtime Devotions: The Second Helping.
This little gem has 90 family devotions. Each little devotion has a prayer, an “appetizer” a “main course” and a healthy dose of vitamins and minerals. So clever. How fun to do over the course of a meal or at snack time.
What we loved: Anyone familiar with anything produced by Adventures in Odyssey knows that these people always put out quality Bible based products. This one was another solid win for AIO. Also, I loved the fact that they were simple enough to do with my boy who’s developmental age is 5, but had enough meat and potatoes for my 11 year old to chew on. And they were quick, each one took our family about 5 minutes.
And you know why I love these people the most? Because they’re so quick with the freebies. I've got a weeks worth of devotions from this book to share with you. Because I like you. Check it out here.

Please Note: We received this book for review purposes. As always, our opinions are 100% our own


This beautiful life

Hanging on to this ordinary life with every thing I have.

Refusing to let winter win. 

Loving each kid in their own individual way.

And just trying to keep it all together.

Instagram moments from my very ordinary, and very beautiful life. 

Moments that I don't dare forget...


(nearly) wordless wednesday

 desperately seeking green...
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