Review Policy
We are a family happy blog, who occasionally reviews things that make our family happy. The product opinions you see on this page are what my kids and I really think about products. I do have an affiliate relationship with Amazon, but only tell you about stuff we have personally read or enjoyed.
If you have a product that you would like to have reviewed by our family would be happy to try it.  For more information about setting up a product review email Elissa at

This year we have set up a sponsorship agreement for affiliate marketers and other sales programs. We are always open to new sponsors but insist on receiving a sample of the product before we agree to promote it. We reserve the right to not promote a product, and place the ads as we see fit.

Guest writing
We both write guest posts for other bloggers, and accept guest posts for consideration. If you have interest in having a fresh article written for your site or writing a collaborative project, gimme a shout! I'd love to put our heads together to come up with something fantastic for your readers.

If you just want to gimme a holler for any reason you can email me at
If we like you, we'll probably write back. You can also find me on facebook (elissa white peterson, or elissa peterson photography) or on twitter (elissa_peterson).
Having new friends makes me happy.


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