A lesson in Human endurance: my trip to West Virginia

Road trip part 1: lets see if we can push her to the breaking point – a lesson in human endurance
Wanna hear about my week? Ok here goes
Early in the week my grandfather passes away, so I have to prepare to take the kids to West Virginia for the funeral – an 8 hour trip. Anyone ever take 3 kids in diapers on an impromptu road trip? Let me break it down for you:
Being away from home for 48 hours means that I’m going to need
About 20 diapers, 2 different sizes – they need to be packed in different bags, so they don’t get confused. About 100 wipes, because I”ll need them if I don’t have them.
5 kids music cd’s (preferably not the annoying kind)
4 outfits apiece
enough food to feed an army – no sugary junk because they’ll bounce off the walls. A whole arsenal of toys.
Oh and I might need some stuff for jory and me. Do you think I could get away with wearing sweats to a funeral. Don’t think it didn’t cross my mind.

Oh wait, I can’t pack until the last minute because as soon as I get the matchbox cars packed, Alex will throw a fit until he gets them back.

So there are lists dictating exactly what will go into the car Wednesday night. When WAMMO! Jory and I both get food poisoning. Not a mild case either. So here I am, Wednesday morning sick as a dog, 3 screaming hungry poopy children, a car that still needs to be packed, packages to the post office, a memorial board for the services, and I can not move. On top of the fact the my grandfather is dead, and I am grieving. What’s a girl to do.
Enter grandma. My life saver! Moms are a wonderful thing. She has the day off, so she comes and takes the kids so I can recuperate from my illness, and work on all the various projects.
Somehow I manage to get everything together.

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