Meme challenge

This entry is for tenika’s blog challenge over on twopeas. The theme this week was home made décor. To be honest I’m sort of lacking in the homemade home décor area, but here are 2 that fit the category I think. Granted the pics of my items are terrible!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
My first is a picture frame. No I didn’t make the frame. I got a cheep wooden one at Walmart, painted it, inked it with walnut ink and sanded off some of the paint. Jory says “why did you go and wreck a perfectly good frame? It used to look nice and new, now it looks old and beat up” uh, yeah that was sorta the point.
The other area that I’m sorta proud of is my bulletin board. It’s sort of hard to see from this picture, but my pushpins are adorned with silk flowers. I also like the “clothes-line” I made from black cord. There were items I wanted to hang but didn’t want holes in them, so when I saw the “clothes line effect” in a magazine I had to try it. I even decorated some clothespins to hang my items with…


teri fode said...

Love your creative bulletin board!!! What a great idea!

Teri :)

Tenika said...

love the silk flower push pins- cool idea!! :)

Brooke said...

Hi! I'm popping in from homeschoolspot.com. Thought I check out your site. I like how this site allows you to title your entries and keeps a log at the left to refer to. Nice! ~ Brooke


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