The other Petersons have headed off to their convention in New Jersey. They’ll be back to stay for a few more days on their way home to Wyoming . Vangie and I had a blast shopping in Toledo yesterday. We found some great bargains at Hobby Lobby (my favorite store ever!) and at the Libbey Factory Outlet (Libbey glass). I really enjoyed just goofing around, being girls with her (thanks Vangie!!!)
Alex was sick in the night. He has been sleeping on the floor in our room while our guests use his room. So when he threw up around 1 am, I was right there to clean him up, and calm him down. Today he’s a little bit crabby… not exactly my idea of fun, but it’s part of life I suppose.
My mothers day bee sting is doing weird things. I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction, or an infection (thanks to web MD for the symptom check!) but there’s a big ol’ purple patch on the back of my leg… I’ll see if I can find any more info. It looks pretty yucky, but in retrospect I think it may be improving. We'll see

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