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Have I ever mentioned just how much I love the library? I mean who ever came up with the idea was a GENIOUS! I love to read, I love to learn new things, but I hate spending money, and frankly books are way expensive. Free books, magazines, movies, and CD’s… it doesn’t get much better in my book
So today was my library day, I found all sorts of treasures for everyone in my family. 2 videos, a Veggie Tales CD, 2 magazines (for me) and a schload of books for alex and the girls. (Thank goodness! I was getting a little tired of The Runaway Tortilla)
Jory downloaded the script for the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out. He’s been telling me bits and pieces about what to expect when we go see it, in a few months…
Alex has taken to sleeping on the floor next to my bed. I set up a mattress pad for him with a pillow and blankets, while his cousin was sleeping in his bed. Now he won’t go back to his bed. I don’t mind so much, it makes him easier to tend to when he wakes up in the middle of the night (3x last night). The only problem with it is it’s right next to my scrapping table. So I can’t work after he goes to bed, and when I do want to work, I have to move his “bed” out of the way.

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Anonymous said...

Oh - and what about the smell? Don't you just love how the library smells?


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