Let me preface this journal entry by saying, we don’t have an air conditioner, because it’s usually not hot enough here in Ohio to need it.
Can I whine? It’s really stinking hot here. The whole month of June has been hot and muggy. The weatherman is predicting 94 with 50% humidity for today. I heard on the news that we’ve already had more 90+ degree days this month than we had in the last two years combined. It’s not even July! Man it’s going to be a long summer.
Takes me back to the apartment we lived in before we bought the house. It was quite possibly the hottest apartment in Ohio. We did have an air conditioner; it cooled the apartment to 90 degrees, but only in the living room. The rest of the apartment never got that cool. 100+ degrees with humidity was normal. Jory and I thought of many inventive ways to keep ourselves cool, frozen wash cloths, frozen water bottles, squirt bottle fights… I could go on.
I’m happy to say that this house (with no AC) is much cooler than the apartment than with AC. Our thermostat read 87 at it’s highest yesterday. Which yes, is still very hot. I know. But now our arsenal of cooling techniques has improved. We own a baby pool and have ceiling fans in every room. They’ve both been a godsend in dealing with the heat. So I guess I just need to remember how bad it could be, and wait for the heat to pass.
And no, I don’t plan on getting an AC any time soon. We have a window unit in the garage that can be installed, but knowing us, we’d never turn it on.

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joy madison said...

bleh!!!! Its cold here in Seattle. But we only got 1/4 inch of snow this year, so I guess that's the trade off.


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