Cracking down and cleaning out

I’ve had enough, it’s time to crack down on a few bad habits around here.
1. The pacifiers (aka plugs in our house) Alex “gave it up” (ha!) after his 2nd birthday, but still tries to steal them whenever he can. The girls have been pretty attached to them also. So this weekend, we decided that it was time for them to go. The girls are NOT HAPPY with this decision. They have been really cranky the last few days, and sleeping is really hard. But I’m starting to see improvements. They haven’t cried for one yet today. So maybe the “with drawl” phase is over… please can it be over? I’ve had about enough of listening to these two screaming.
2. Alex and his diapers. This one is totally my fault. I’m lazy. I need to be more prompt about taking his diaper off in the morning/after naptime. I need to make him sit on the potty before he goes to sleep. I need to not put a diaper on him every time I leave the house. He can do it if I make him.

In other news, we’ve been doing a lot of cleaning out this weekend. I’ve been primarily focused on the girls’ room. Which to this point in time, has been used as a storage room with beds in it. My mom gave me a huge cabinet to keep my scrapping/teaching stuff in, so I was able to move a lot of my stuff out of the girls’ room. I also moved a lot of stuff out to the garage, and now their room is functional as a kid’s room. I don’t have to lock them out of it, anymore! Now I just have to paint it and put up some cute decorations and call it done. One thing at a time right?
Can I just tell you how funny Alex has been lately? He’s a singing machine. He knows all the lyrics to all the songs on his CD’s. Right now he’s in his room singing a song that I learned in Sunday School a really long time ago, word for word. It’s not a song that I’ve sung to him, and I’m not really sure where he learned it. But he’s singing away. Goofball.

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