More kid stories, and danged bottle caps

Last night the kids were playing outside, the girls were playing a game. Peek under the car at each other and giggle. Straiten up, then peek under the car again and giggle. Too dang funny.
When they came inside, I went to wash the dirt off Louisa’s toes (too lazy to give her a bath). She then proceeds to take the wash cloth and wash her toes, my toes, Jory’s toes, and Annie’s toes. Which brings me to another game the girls played last night, Louisa chasing Annie around with a washcloth, while both kiddos giggle with glee.
What can I say, my children amuse me.
A few new words have crept into the girls vocabulary, “choo choo”, “purple bear” and “tickle”. They’re making progress in being able to communicate with the rest of us – those of us who don’t speak “twin”
I heard from the lady who runs my scrapbook store. She told me she’d ordered 100 more caps just for me to sell. Gee thanks! No pressure there! Which means that I feel the need to come up with about 4 more projects, but I’m seriously running on empty over here. Someone suggested gluing them to flip flops, (not so sure about that…) but I bet I can find some flip flops for a good price right about now! So anyone got an ideas on what the heck I can do with a bottle cap??

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Meg said...

I saw someone in a movie wearing a necklace/ choker with bottle caps on it....


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