We aren’t trick or treating.

We don’t trick or treat at my house. There are several reasons. None of them are very good.
1. I don’t like costumes, I didn’t like them as a kid (though I did like getting all that candy) so I’m not excited about picking out costumes, nor am I thrilled about dressing my children up.
2. I don’t want all that candy in my house. I don’t give my children candy really. (Alex thinks 3 m & m’s in one sitting is a lot) If I took all 3 out, I imagine we’d have candy until next year. No thanks.
3. I personally have religious convictions about the holiday.
4. To me it’s too much like begging. I don’t want to encourage my children to go to strange houses and beg for food, nor do I want strange children coming to my house to beg for food. Does anyone else think it’s just a bizarre concept?
I imagine in a few years when my kids figure out what they’re missing there’ll be some sort of coup and we’ll have to make some sort of arrangement. But for now my children don’t know what they’re missing. So don’t ask them what they are being for trick or treat.
PS. We didn’t carve our pumpkins either – yuck.


joy madison said...

we dont trick or treat here either.

never have (in my 30 years) and never will.

I have only a few objections to it, but mostly Im just used to not doing it at this point.

we usually go to a harvest party at church....but this year we were all sick. jaylie ran a fever all day, and jaden and I just laid out with her, with our own form of sick also.

Anonymous said...

Do you decorate for christmas?

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!!! NO PUMPKIN?!?!?!?

this year my friend brought home like 6 or 8 pumpkins for us to carve and we had a blast!! mine had a gigantic gaping buck-toothed maw (i could nearly fit my head into its mouth hehe)

"uncle" drew


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