The Peanut butter bandit

The Peanut butter bandit
What do three hungry yahoos, a 5 lb tub of peanut butter, a secret hiding spot and a busy mom (who’s attempting to cook dinner) all have in common? Use your imagination. Wait, it gets better.
So I’m cooking dinner (a rather large, complicated meal if I do say so myself) and I think “boy those kids are quiet, I better go check on them” so I walk to the hallway, and there they are, blissfully gathered around something, and I think “aw, how cute, they’re happily playing together” so I go back to make sure the potatoes aren’t burning. A few seconds later Alex walks into the kitchen looking like he just swallowed the pet canary. I think it’s rather odd, but hey I gotta get the biscuits in the oven. Finally Jory comes home and nabs the bandits. That’s when the peanut butter really hit the fan. He got the mess cleaned up, and gave them an oral discourse in the benefits of not nabbing the peanut butter. You know the girls played their “look at my cute pigtails” card for all it was worth. But alas, there was no love for the pigtail pirates in the Peterson house.


joy madison said...

BEATINGS!!!! BEATINGS I tell ya!!! Why oh why do they think they are grown!

Susan said...

ROFL!! It must be nonstop craziness at your house, Elissa!

Lora said...

ROFL!! Too funny!!


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