Mindless ramblings

Everyone’s entitled to a little mindless rambling now and then right? I have a few kid observations that I’d like to record, more for myself than all five of my normal readers, they might be used as journaling on a future scrapbook page, we’ll see.
Alex: My collector. He’s always been an avid collector, but these days his collecting has grown to a frenzy. He’s always carrying around a handful of random objects that go together in some sort of fashion – 3 yellow buttons, a yellow shoestring, 2 yellow legos and a yellow marble. What he does with these collections is beyond me. But they’re usually critical to his current episode of dramatic play in some sort of way.
Jory and I have decided that Alex is going to be a sculptor. I find these little sculptures typically made from some combination of chairs, blocks, scarves, beads and whatever little tidbits he finds around the house (does that count as a mixed media sculpture?)
All three of my children are suddenly fascinated with ladybugs. The girls call them “be bugs”. Whenever one is spotted they all start shrieking with joy, then they get down nose to nose with the thing, and watch intently as the poor critter carries on his merry way. There is one that hangs out on my sliding door next to the kitchen table, so pretty much every time we sit down to eat, some one spots the “be bug” and we all have to go watch it until Mom gets fed up with the “scientific observation”


Teresa said...
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Teresa said...

The ladybug thing is very cute! Alex would be a perfect companion for Luke! He is a serial "hoarder" as we call it! If there is a bag or box or some sort of place to PUT things, there is no telling what sorts of things he will collect to put in them! Two peas in a pod :)

Lora said...

HAHA!! I hate those stupid ladybugs. They are invading my house right now.... Send the girls over to collect all the want!!


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