Weekend highlights.

I won’t lie, it was an ordinary weekend in the Peterson house. That said, I do have a few lame highlights to share.
Alex: We were listening to some mp3’s on the computer and Alex says “I want Willie Nelson” (who I’m not particularly fond of) but Jory obliges, and turns on a random Willie song. Apparently the random Willie song wasn’t good enough, because Alex continues… “no, no, no, I want Blue eyes crying in the rain!” Wh-what!?! Where did that one come from?? All of a sudden, my son knows all of Willie’s songs by title. Jory and I got a good chuckle out of that one.
As I sit here listening to some of my new tunes I just downloaded, I realized this weekend, I passed the 800 mark on mp3’s in my player. Woo hoo! If anyone wants to trade songs, just holler.
Jory and I watched the worst movie ever created last night. It was called the “Hurricane Express” it was one of John Wayne’s earlier movies. Oh boy, where do I start, the bad plot, no sound effects, little to no character development, slightly redundant plot line, horrible acting… I could go on. Can’t say it’s going into our favorite movie rotation, but it was good for a chuckle. Just like Indiana Jones, right Jory??

Ok, I warned you it was a lame week end.

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joy madison said...

My kids know all of jon's songs too, and then ask for specific songs that I don't even know how to find:) What nerds!


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