Why yes it is my birthday!

I’m so impressed that you remembered. I don’t have much planned for today. Ok, I lied. My plans are play with the kids, accomplish as little as possible until lunch time, eat left over pizza (I had my birthday dinner a night early) for lunch and then Jory gives me the afternoon off to do whatever I want (that’s what he gives me every year for my birthday, I can’t think of a better gift!) I think I’m going to run errands, and then maybe scrap a little. We’ll see.
So last night my show was on. I gotta say, that Chris kid rocked again. I was a little worried that his last performance was a fluke, and that I’d be disappointed this week because he wasn’t as good as I remembered. I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t crazy about the song he picked, a little too hard core for me. But I was entertained. I would pay money to hear him sing it again. I hate to pick a favorite so early in the competition, but if he doesn’t win, I’d be really surprised. (Have you ever noticed how goofy people look in pictures when they're singing?)
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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday to me, I mean, YOU! :) Hope your day is going according to plan or maybe even better!

Lisa A said...

sorry I missed wishing you a Happy Birthday!


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