As I was sorting through the mundane details of life, trying to decide if any of them were blog worthy, my son came up and informed me that he’d made himself breakfast. Not the cop-out, easy yogurt breakfast, but a bowl of oatmeal. He then proceeded to tell me all the steps you need to take to make a bowl of oatmeal, and by golly, he’d done it the right way. He just hadn’t put it in the microwave because he didn’t know what button to push. His proportions were slightly off, but he realized (on his own) that he’d made too much and decided to share some with his sisters. Impressive for a 3 year old.
So the other random less exciting brain clutter:
I talked to my aunt in North Carolina last night and we decided on a date for our trip down to visit her (May 24-31st). So now I have something to look forward to, and enough time to plan for it so that it’s not a frantic shopping rush at the end!!
Had a nice visit with Sue and Dick yesterday. They were coming in to town to help Cathy get ready to move. They stopped by right after lunch. The girls called Sue “grammie” the whole time. It was cute.
Oh, and while I"m looking at it, the show "the amazing race" on their website, there's a link for Phil's blog. Interesting. Check here:
  • phil’s blog

    joy madison said...

    what a big boy!!!

    Sheri said...

    no way!
    where in NC???
    that's where i am, you know!

    and ps- my authentication code for this comment is:

    i swear!

    Teresa said...

    We're looking forward to seeing you all Memorial Day weekend and for the kids to play together again for more than a few hours :)


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