Do your kids ever surprise you? My kids have just been full of sweet surprises this last week. Here are a few that I remember.
Yesterday I asked Alex to give me a weather report (I do this every day), Annie pipes in “it’s cloudy!” I wasn’t aware that she knew her weather vocabulary. Maybe I should start having the girls give me the weather report.
A few days ago, Alex and I were playing with scissors – the kind that cut a decorative edge, and I got out a few extra pairs, so he’d have some patterns to pick from. Well the girls were eyeing them so I passed them out, not expecting the girls to be able to use them. Surprise! They played with them for more than an hour, and made a nice little pile of confetti for me to clean up.
Alex: Ok, so I mentioned early that my son was mentally adding and subtracting earlier this week. I thought it might have just been a fluke, but he did it again yesterday, adding 2’s (which if you aren’t into educational theory, is the next step harder than adding 1’s, which I already knew he could do)
In other news… I went to the scrapbook store last night (the one I teach at) to get supplies for my next class. It always cracks me up when they let me take $30-40 of paper/supplies out of the store without paying for it. I was chatting with my storeowner a little and she just keeps handing me more and more. First it was 3 sheets of letter stickers that “might” work with my color scheme (it was more of her wanting the supplies used up than anything else) then it was another 20 sheets of cardstock to make cards with (for the store of course). Kate (the store owner) then pipes up “yeah next time you’re in, just tell the ladies at the desk that Kate said you could take more paper for cards, you can take as much as you want.” Oh, and Kate said I could take this album, this stack of embellishments, and…. and… and…Too funny.

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Teresa said...

Whew! I think I need a trip up your way and to change my name to Elissa :) I restocked on a bunch of papers the other day in hopes to prompt myself to get started on a new book/pages quickly gathering dust. I am well behind the 8-ball on the family pages... And Alex... boy he and Luke really are birds of a feather! I don't know if I wrote this in mine or not but the 1st few times Luke was observed doing "math" he declared he was ALL DONE after hearing it labeled "math." Too funny!


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