Weekend happenings.

I can’t say it was an exciting weekend, but there were a few highlights to share. On Saturday my mom took the kids so Jory and I could run a few errands and have a quiet lunch by ourselves. That was definitely the highlight of my Saturday.
On Sunday we went to church, we added a new service time, and there was some confusion about when I would be teaching Sunday school, so we ended up being there for all 3 services, which sounds like a lot, but it didn’t seem that long at the time. I got to help out in the preschool room during the service that I thought I was supposed to teach. It was nice to get to know some of the kids in Alex’s class, and watch him interact with kids he’s not related to.
After church Grandma took Alex out to visit with Grandpa at the lake for the rest of the day. Our Sunday afternoon was pretty quiet with out him. It’s amazing how quick the group dynamics changes when you take one kid out of the mix. The mess and noise levels go down by about 80%.

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