Back from the beach

We just got back from a fabulous week at the beach. We had a ball playing in the sand, hanging out with cousins, and eating lots and lots of seafood.
Here are some memorable vacation moments:
Alex fell asleep in front of the huge fish tank at the aquarium (to his credit, we were sitting watching a feeding presentation)
My feet got sunburnt early in the trip. Ouch.
We listened to the same muppet cd for 9 hours strait. Ugg. (dad – moo)
I climbed to the top of a 2 story McDonalds play land. Not because I had to get a screaming kid (well not the first time anyway) but because it looked like fun. (For the record, my knees were against the idea from the start)
Every time we drove over a bridge my kids all sang “up and down, up and down” it was the cutest thing ever.
Stay tuned, I’m sure I’ll think of more.
Oh and I’ll post pics later… after I sort through all 200+ pics

1 comment:

Dad said...

Bert is still the King of Moo. For anybody else who chances to read this - you had to be there.


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