I take back all the mean thoughts I had about the dog warden. After I called again yesterday they very promptly sent a nice lady over and together we easily got Rover Joe into her little dog catcher mobile. Good riddance pup. I also take back the comment about the shot gun.
I thought today I’d do a kiddo profile. Just for fun.
Alex: Turns 4 here in a few weeks (when did that happen?) Is completely terrified of dogs, even though he pretends to like them (when he’s in no immediate danger of coming into contact with a real one) He’s extremely curious, and asks way too many questions.
Annie: Is contemplating potty training. No success that I know of yet. She’s extremely independent. I hear “no, Annie do it!” more than I’d like to admit. She’s also rather dramatic – you wouldn’t believe the sob stories I hear from that kid.
Louisa: she acts all sweet and innocent, but she’s the one who usually steals the food from the pantry and shares it with her siblings. Of my children, she reminds me the most of myself.

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Dad said...

Louisa reminds you of you? You were devious? You pulled it off well. You were the one that was so good I was sure would come home from 9th grade and tell me you were pregnant. Too good. Couldn't last.
You were DEVIOUS? I'm disillusioned.


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