Rover Joe

Meet Rover Joe. This little guy showed up on my back porch Saturday morning. We get stray dogs from time to time, and they usually go away on their own. But this one is still here. At first it was really cute, Louisa took him stories and “read” to him through the sliding door. I knew I was in big trouble when I went out to load the van (to go into town) and he tried to get in the front door, tried to climb in the car, did laps around the van as I was trying to back down my (really long) driveway, and chased me half a mile up the road. I thought he’d go away if I ignored him long enough – no food, water, attention… but no. We tried to “lead” him away from our house on the way to church yesterday. We drove slow enough that he could “follow” us – which he did. For at least a mile and a half. We drove home a different way from church (so he wouldn’t see us and try to follow us home) but I guess he remembered the way on his own, because he was on our back porch waiting for us when we came home. I tried calling the dog warden to come get him, but they aren’t open on the weekends (of course). I’d let him stay, but frankly Jory and I hate dogs (except for my cousins dog, Kelty) and 2 of my kids are terrified of him. So he goes. Today hopefully.
Lets see… what else… Jory is home from his motorcycle tour. When we went to the beach, he went out west to visit his family. It’s good to be a family again. He said he’d write about his trip himself.

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Lora said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation! Kinda funny how you've been adopted by the dog. HA!


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