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The girls are all about the pretend play this week. Annie’s a baby, Louisa’s a cat. They like to swim (actually laying down moving their arms) down the hall. Annie’s stuck in the mud (??) These are reoccurring themes in our house.
Alex is with Grandma at the lake for a few days. He was supposed to be home last night, but Mom called me at 9:45 last night to let me know he was still at the lake. Sweet. Keep him for a week or two. Oh come on, don’t tell me you’ve never been overjoyed that one of your kids was far away for a few days. The screaming when he doesn’t get his way-dumping out toy boxes to find a single matchbox car-asks way to many questions-four year old.
I transformed the girls’ cribs into toddler beds last night. The railings were doing nothing to hinder their ability to escape, so off they came. I don’t know how many times they got yelled at last night for escaping, but it was a bunch.

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joy madison said...

besides watch TV my kids favorite game is pretend....pretend EVERYTHIGN....the floor is lava the couch is a boat the floor is the shark filled ocean....it usually involves peril or a child without a mom and dad, that needs saving....weirdos!


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