Last Hurrah

Well yesterday was my mom’s last day of summer vacation :( So of course we had to send it out with style. For our last big adventure we took a road trip up to the new Ikea that’s about an hour north of us. Holy cow. I could easily have dropped $1,000 in that store. Just give me one of everything and we’ll be set. But no. I was good. I only spent about $40 on a table for my scrapbooking area. More work space is always a bonus.
In other news. There is no other news. Life here is pretty uneventful. There are new chairs in the kitchen. My mom found a matching set at a garage sale. They are stinking cute – old wooden chairs that painted white with just enough “wear” in them to make them cute.
There are new songs in the playlist (not that you care) but I added like 25 yesterday – Sugarland, Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Randy Travis, and Shania Twain.
I should take pics of all the new stuff around here, but no. Too lazy. Maybe someday. Don’t hold your breath. That’s what I said about the stone divider that I put in almost a month ago.

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Teresa said...

Ikea can definitely be dangerous for us too!! We are a lot farther from one than when we lived up in Pittsburgh, but always look forward to hitting the store when we head up to DC a few times a year. I would LOVE my OWN scrapbooking area...bonus for you!!! :)


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