Summer projects and a little fun

Ok, the last week has been a total whirlwind of summer projects and ignoring my housework. Friday afternoon my mom and I put in a brick divider between my grass and the shrubs/plants in front of our house. It’s so stinkin cute. I’d show you pics, but I haven’t taken any yet. On the to do list.
My other “Grandma’s on summer vacation so lets do some redecorating together” project was painting the girls room. Last summer Alex got a new room, so we thought it was only fair. In addition to painting, we plan on putting in a new window treatment, and new closet doors. I do have pictures of that, but I don’t feel like uploading them right now.
Since my last post we’ve also had a picnic in the park (and played in a fabulous garden – yes there are some way cute pics of that too, somewhere) and spent a few days at the lake with my Aunt Carol, and cousin Emily.
The girls are going to West Virginia with my mom tomorrow to visit my grandmother. Maybe I’ll get my act together while their gone. Then again, maybe not.

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