Last warm weekend…

That’s what they said on the news… So we took advantage of it. Friday/Saturday my parents took Alex on his first camp out. He apparently had a ball sleeping in a tent and eating food that my mom had made over the campfire and doing all those other things I refuse to do. (Heh.) Have I mentioned my parents made me go camping one to many times as a child? The - walk half a mile to a port-a-potty, sleeping in the dirt, eating rats - type of camping. No thanks. It’s not a vacation if I have to work.
Sunday we had the church cook out at the park near our house. That was a lot of fun. Highlights include: finding a handful of frogs with Javas and Sara (not the same ol’ toads that hang around my yard), chatting with friends that I never get to talk to because I’m always too busy on Sunday morning, the girls both fell asleep in the baby swings, and a very grumpy Louisa who was mad that all her friends ate “her” cake and she didn’t get any. (rough life, I’m telling ya…)
So chores for today: prepping kits for a class that’s still 2 weeks away (but is already very full) working on a project that’s due on Saturday (ack!) baking another cake to appease Louisa the grump. School. And mopping a very disgusting kitchen floor. Think I’ll get it all done? Not if I’m sitting on this computer!

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