Adventures in Peterson-land

Man what a weekend. Thursday we had a lame little Thanksgiving with just us Petersons. We had our big Thanksgiving with my parents and siblings earlier in the week, so I just threw together some ham and some trimmings. I spent most of Thursday getting out Christmas decorations and cooking.
Friday morning we packed up and headed over to the Cleveland area to visit some of my friends from college. I think I mentioned them earlier – they’re the family with 7 kids. (with my 3 kids = 10 kids – eek!) I hadn’t even met the two youngest yet. It was so cool to sit and watch the family dynamics. The older kids watched the younger kids, no one fought, no disobedience, everyone played together really really well. If my kids turn out like those kids, then my job is done. Had a ball talking with Tracey (the Mama), just comparing notes on motherhood, faith, and every subject in-between. The weather was wonderful all weekend, so we managed to take everyone on a little outing to a nearby nature trail. I did NOT want to leave on Saturday, but I had to come home so we could do the Sunday school thing on Sunday morning.

Here's a pic from our outing. (R - L) Gabe, Annie, Jordyn, Jory & Alex

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