Just some general quips from my everyday life.
My children seem determined to destroy my house at any given chance. (Since when is this news? I know) Lately, they’ve been pretty good about not just making a mess for the joy of making a mess. But it seems like this week, they’ve fallen off the wagon (or the shelf in Alex’s closet if your name is Annie – don’t ask.) They’re shredding fistfuls of scrap paper every morning, and destroying Alex’s closet in the afternoon (we’re talking all the toys out of the shelf unit, the shoes, the clothes, dumping the puzzles, everything). Yesterday I actually banned them from Alex’s room. That’ll show ‘em.
Miss Annie has a new game. It’s called Squish! To play this game you grab someone around the neck (usually Mom, because the other kids don’t particularly like being squished) and you squish your cheek into the other persons, saying “squishy squishy”. It’s hard not to enjoy a game that involves getting bear hugs from your children. I tried to play with Louisa, she wasn’t impressed.
Speaking of Annie – she’s still determined not to use the toilet. We got her some disposable training pants, to see if they would help the situation. Major flop. Not only does she REFUSE to wear them, Louisa thinks they’re the coolest thing known to man. Which means my potty-trained child is now wearing diapers again. Wonderful.
It’s getting to be that time of year again. The time when I need a master to do list to organize my other to do lists. Anybody else have one of those?
The master list includes:
3 different lists of scrapping projects (store, Christmas related, family album),
Christmas prep,
Thanksgiving prep,
oh and the ever popular cleaning/child care list
I feel like I need to outsource my children for 2 weeks so I can take a bite out of these lists. But no. Stinky diapers, and empty water glasses call my name.

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