Birthday happenings

Saturday was the girls 3rd bday, so we had a very fun birthday weekend. We took the kids for a rousing trip to McDonalds in the morning (so we could have apple pies and they could play on the playland) and a trip to Meijers to ride in the buggies. (Still a favorite past time by the way.) We spent the afternoon hanging out with Cathy, who had come to town for the girls’ party. She did a great job keeping the kids out from under my feet while I did last minute party things.
For our birthday celebration we had a small family dinner with my mom, brother, and Cathy at Bob Evans, then back to our house for cupcakes (decorated by mom and the girls) and ice cream. So yummy. The girls got way too many gifts, which they (and Alex) are rather enjoying at the moment (read that: leaving mommy alone).
Another word about snow. We were supposed to get 3 inches overnight, with freezing rain on top - a great big exciting storm, heading in from Chicago. Which in reality split in half and went right around us. The news says we got two, but I’m not buying it. My porch looks like maybe an inch. Still not enough to cover the grass. Sigh. I just want enough snow to justify getting out the snow pants and the sleds. So glad we invested in snow pants this year. If you haven't figured it out, I’m bound and determined to have photos of my children in their new snow garb. Hence all the complaining about the lack of snow.

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Teresa said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!!! Love, Luke and Abi!


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