So now that I’ve had a few days to mull it over, I’m ready to declare my intentions for the New Year. Not that I’ll actually do them, but you never know.
1. Cut the clutter. I already cut half the kid clutter in this house (it still feels reallllllllly good) But that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about the stuff in my life that just doesn’t matter. It’s not part of my life mission – so it goes. Cutting the “working mom” mentality out of my life feels so good. There will be plenty of time for “working mom” when the kids are gone. Since working mom went buh-bye, I’m now spending a lot more time on school related stuff - which needed to be buffed up a little anyway. Killing two birds… Plus I have time for “fun” stuff, like reading and taking pics. Oh and cleaning (working on that too). I’m really very happy with my decision.
2. My other resolution is to just be more disciplined. I know, I know I made this one last year. Was I more disciplined during 2006. Nope. Which is why I chuckled when I read through last years resolutions. You know what, that’s ok. I’ll do better this year.

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Jen said...

Your kids are too cute!


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