Well we finally got a significant amount of snow! We got some on Sunday, then a few more inches yesterday. I figure there’s about 4-5 inches out there right now. I had the kids out in it on Sunday even though the wind chill was below freezing. Afterward we enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate and a fire in the fireplace. It was wonderful… Yesterday we had to go into town because the girls had their 3 yo check up. My mom didn’t have school because of the weather, so we spent most of the day hangin around, shopping, and just enjoying her snow day. So here we are, freezing our patooties off, having a great time… (yes I realize they're blurry, didI mentioned the below freezing windchill?)


deezie said...

Boy I wish you could send us some of that snow. we live in CT and we have had not one single snowflake we are going coo coo for some. sounds like you all had fun

Teresa said...

YEA! {But not the frigid temps--brrr!} :) Can you believe it JUST started to snow AGAIN down here in NC seriously 10 minutes ago and our porch is completely white already. Odd winter!!!


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