It’s been a while since I shared some kid quirks with you, so here’s an update.
My children now have a new game, it’s called icky kisses. In this game, I give them a kiss, and they look at me mischievously and wipe that kiss right off. At which point I pretend to be horrified and give them another one, with a predictable result. Now I am “really mad” and “punish” them with a round of tickles. What I won’t do for a chuckle.
The kids have invented a new recipe. It’s called chocolate gooey. Every time they go into their kitchen to play, they come out with a fresh batch. Mmm. The best part – there’s no cleanup. (heh) I thought about trying to make a real batch of chocolate gooey, Mom and I were trying to figure out a good recipe. We were thinking cooked oatmeal with chocolate pudding sounded about right. Anyone have any ideas? Not sure I’m brave enough to make a whole batch of it. We’ll see. In other news, trying to decide what to do on my birthday (which is Friday – don’t forget) Jory usually takes the afternoon off so I can go out and do whatever I want. Seriously excited about an entire afternoon to myself. I can’t stay here because you know the kids will bug me. The whole “I am not really here, go bug your dad” argument doesn’t really go anywhere. I’m thinking about taking Elrod (the ipod) and going to the library or McDonalds with a good book and just being QUIET for a while. We’ll see. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Meg said...

Take Elrod somewhere you would really like to go with out the kids as a distraction. And take him to lunch at your favorite place.

Happy Birthday! I will give you the gift of not bringing Bill's and my flu germs to you :)


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