Random kiddisms:

Not particularly new occurrences, but worth recording nonetheless
Annie has this thing about having hair in her mouth. She’s always putting it in there. Yuck. Fortunately we’re getting to a point where all the hair (except the bangs) will fit in a ponytail.

Alex refuses to take noncommittal answers to his thousands of questions.
Alex: Did the monkey ride all the way to Timbuktu on his trip?
Mom ignores question
Alex continues to repeat question 5-6 times before mom decides that he won’t go away without an answer.
Mom: uh sure.
Alex: does that mean yes?
Mom not wanting to agree to something horrible (like painting his sisters purple) frantically searches to remember what question she’s just ignored for the last 5 minutes. She usually results in crying: I DON’T KNOW, SURE.
Alex: does that mean yes?

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Anonymous said...

HA!! Kids are great...


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