It’s official! Next month all five of us are taking the train to Montana to visit Jory’s brother. I’m slightly nervous about taking the kids on a 31-hour train ride. But I was really nervous about the 22-hour car ride to Jory’s parents in October, and they were champs. This time they get to walk around, no seatbelts confining them for 6 hours at a time. Plus northern Montana – glacier country. Jory and I have never been up there. We’re very excited. The kids seem to be excited about the prospect of riding a train for a long time. They’ve been playing with Thomas and the other tank engines non-stop since we started discussing our trip.
In other slightly less exciting news, I signed Alex up for safety-town yesterday. The local fire station / police station teaches this class for kids entering Kindergarten. At first he’s like “yeah mom, I know all about that stuff.” But as I explained that he’ll get some one-on-one time with a REAL fire engine, and REAL police men he got really excited. It doesn’t start until June, but I think it’ll be a hit – if the kid doesn’t talk their ears off…

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Andrew said...

hey sis,
i remember safety city.. it was THE coolest thing! and im sure nothing has really changed in the what 18 years it has been


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