Montana adventure

We’re back! We had a wonderful time visiting Jason, Vangie, and Levi. They were excellent tour guides and managed to wear us out thoroughly. We left on the train last Tuesday, and rode 31 hours to get to Whitefish / Kalispell Montana. The train ride was wonderful (wayyyyyyy better than driving) the kids did super, Jory and I got to sit and relax the entire way.
We arrived at Jason and Vangie’s on Wednesday evening just in time to go to bed. Thursday we hung around and explored a little, took a hike, rode motorcycles, played in the fishpond. Friday we went to St. Regis, Montana to visit Vangie’s parents. On the way we went to play in some hot springs (that looked oddly like swimming pools). Saturday we went exploring a little, played in the sand pile, rode the 4 wheeler, and got pretty dirty. Sunday we drove back to Jason’s. We went to church, had lunch, rode the motorcycles (some more), and chilled a little. Monday we hit Glacier National Park. Well part of it anyway, a lot of it was closed for the season. The part we saw was pretty cool though. Tuesday I spent most of the time packing while the kids played. In the evening we took the horses out for a spin through the apple orchard. The kids were a little leery of the horses at first, but once they were up in the saddle (with a grown up), they thought it was pretty cool. After the kids went to bed, Vangie and I took a trail ride up the mountain. We got back on the train on Wednesday, and both Jory and I were asleep before we passed Glacier (eek!)
So that’s our vacation in a nutshell. I’m still sorting through the photos (only 315!) to figure out which ones are good enough to post. I’ll get some of the better ones up here in the next few days.

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Lora said...

glad you're back... your blog has been neglected!


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