Hey thanks!

Thanks for all the feedback you guys! I asked Jory, and he says “the one with Alex in it.” Thanks. I think we settled on the top one. If I ever get around to it. Would you believe I have no pictures of my children hanging up in my house? It’s not because I don’t have any I like, it’s cause I’m LAZY (or busy). Sigh.
So it was a good weekend in our house. Saturday I took Louisa on a date. After our errands we went shopping and went out to lunch. She was super. I even took her in an antique store full of breakables (and no buggies to confine her). She did great. Such a big girl. Sunday after church, we took the kids to have pizza. After lunch we came home and just relaxed all afternoon. The kids played and Jory and I napped. It was a really low key afternoon. The kids were so funny. I don’t remember specifics, but I laughed a lot yesterday afternoon. Just watching the kids play, goofing around, being kids.

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