Update on life

Just a few quick completely unrelated tales for today.
Yesterday the girls were looking at a book and found a picture of a macaw. I think it was Louisa who asked me to identify it. When I told her it was a macaw, she said “oh, a McCoffee” (which is even funnier when you know that no one in this house drinks coffee).
Yesterday I went to Walmart to have some pics developed. I got an 8 x 10 of one of those pics that you guys voted on a few weeks ago. When the lady at the photo center handed me my photos she had to confirm that I was the one who had taken the photos and they weren’t the work of a professional that I was copying. Nope, but thanks for thinking they could have been taken by a pro!
Finally, Alex has been at Safety Town this week. He’s been having a ball. He loves his teachers, the kids in his class, everything. So far the highlight of his week has been sitting in the police car and turning on it’s siren.


Anonymous said...

hey,elissa !! glad to see you are doing well, the kids are getting so big and soooo cute! miss talking to you at scribbles. absolutely love the pics of your kids, great job!


Mom said...

of course you look like a professional.


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