5 years old

So yesterday Alex turned into a mighty five year old. We started out by going to church and taking my special chocolate chip cookies for a snack for his Sunday school class. After church, he chose Cici’s Pizza for lunch. The manager gave him a free lunch because it was his birthday (score!), and Jory and I got free drinks because we had our church bulletins with us. (Double score!)
After lunch we decided to take an adventure, so we took the kids to the Fallen Timbers battlefield monument. (A battle in the war of 1812) Even though it was historically significant, it wasn’t that exciting. But the kids did super. The kids all had a good time climbing on Chief Turkeyfoot’s rock and pretending they were Indians, and just being goofballs. After a brief stroll on the bike trail, we headed over to Levis Commons in search of ice cream. (Since I was a slacker mom and didn’t make a birthday cake, Alex graciously opted for ice cream sundaes instead)
When we’d had our fill of ice cream, we headed home to open gifts. The kid totally made out like a bandit this year. I think his favorites were the hot wheels track (from his Peterson grandparents), the Lincoln logs (from me), and the Lightning McQueen lego’s (from Jory)All in all, it was a good day.

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Teresa said...

Happy Birthday, kiddo!!!! :)


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