Oh how I love thee Canon Digital Rebel. Let me count the ways. Taking the Santa baby photos and getting 6 good ones of each kid as opposed to uh… 2 good and a bunch of mediocre ones. I wish I had more time to post pics, but such is life right. I’m going to be very thankful when my camera and my computer learn how to communicate properly. (pics of annie to come!)
Christmas break has come and gone. After 7 days off, it’s time to start up again. Refreshed, renewed, and excited to learn again. Thankful for some time to scrapbook, clean house, and work ahead on my school stuff.
Also topping my thankful list today is facebook. Not a new member, been around for a while, but still so thankful when a new little friend pops up. Recently a lot of VA beach people have shown up: Yvette, Lindsay, Josh… so thankful for you guys. Sorry I forgot you existed.


Joy Madison said...

ooooh weeee!!! you will love it! I love the photos you've taken so far!

Lora said...

oh how fun!! Nice cameras really do make all the difference!


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