Pushing the pause button on life to give a little update.
Nothing real exciting happening in these parts.
Going to New Mexico to visit with Grandma and Papa. Should be fun. Looking forward to some time to just goof off with my kids and Jory. Take lots of pictures, maybe do some hiking, and lots of playing. Holy cow does it take a lot of work to get my family ready to take a long vacation.
The last few days Jory has been attending a motorcycle class in the evening after work. He’s been really enjoying it. My mom has been hanging out with us while he’s at class to help fill the void and to give me another adult to talk to.
School is good. 18 days left. Planning on having school while we are on vacation. Let me tell you how interesting it was trying to plan a whole bunch of lessons that will travel. I think I did all right though. I guess we’ll see.
The kids are driving me crazy. They are so crazy excited to get in the car and go. Tearing around the house. Impersonating Tasmanian devils. Screaming. Needing to be outside. Mama busy with details and lists. Trying to ignore mayhem.

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Teresa said...

I can relate to the Tasmanian Devil scenario!! That's awesome you have your mom to fill the "void" when needed, that's priceless, be thankful! Have a wonderful trip!!!!!


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