All that jazz

All sorts of crazy adventures to share from my last week. Including 250+ photos. I’ll try my best to share some of them over the next few days. We’ll see.
The craziness started on Wednesday night when we received upwards of 6 inches of rain in the night. Lots of rain = a yard full of water (which will eventually = tons of mosquitoes) but so far the bugs haven’t been too bad. I have a handful of pictures of my kids running through our yard full of knee-deep water around here somewhere.
Thursday morning Jory left to visit his brother in Missouri, I’ll let him blog about that. Thursday evening the girls new bed arrived. They’ve been having lots of fun climbing up and down and up and down. Now all that’s left in that room is the bedding (which I already have the fabric for) curtains (not sure where we’re going with that yet) and a few more pieces of artwork/photos and we’re golden.
Friday morning I took the kids out to the Boy Scout camp for the annual parade, which Alex participated in with Grandma and the girls stayed with me to cheer (and take pictures). We also spent some time exploring camp and swimming in the pool.
Saturday found us at the lake. Some of the boy scouts came over to borrow my parents beach as the landing spot for their jet skis. Saturday evening, after we had arrived home from the lake, Jory and his brother surprised me by showed up at our house unannounced.
Sunday was a flurry of church, hanging out with Jory and Jake (and taking more pics of them together) before Jake had to leave again and going to the church picnic.
Now instead of recovering from the insanity I’m frantically (ok, not that frantically) trying to get ready to West Virginia for some quality time with my dad and the kids.

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