The speed of light

Is it just me or is this summer going by way too fast?
Alex’s birthday was a full week ago, and I haven’t even taken a photo of him for his baby book. Lame I know.
So what have we been up to this week? Well VBS started on Monday and the kids are all having fun in their respective classes. I am pretending to be a photographer this week. My friend Sharon and I have been collecting images for the end of the week slideshow. Next week we will have another round of VBS. The kids will probably stay home with Jory, but I will teach the Pre-K class with my dear friend Patti.
We’ve been out in the garden of course. My mom found some treasures on clearance at a local nursery and plucked them up for our yard. The new plants all seem pretty happy in their new little home behind the garage. We’ve also been picking blackberries – well I’ve been picking them and the kids have been eating them. They have some pretty wicked thorns that are a pretty big deterrent for little hands.
In other news, my parents have officially purchased the property next to ours. They had their closing today. They will be tearing the house (and shed) down and donating whatever is salvageable to the Boy Scouts. Then we will care for the property (aka dig up all the daffodils, irises and grape hyacinths and replant them in my garden!). Yahoo! Glad the process wasn’t a huge headache.
Ok, so the kids movie is over, and dinner is calling my name, so I guess I’d better hop to it!

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