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I was looking through some pictures I took of the girls at their gym class last week, and couldn’t resist posting a few of my favorites.
So all is well in Peterson-land. School is going well. Tomorrow is our 100th day, so we’re excited about that. We finished the 1st grade spelling text last week, so now we’re working on a few high frequency words that he should probably know before we plunge into the 2nd grade text. He’s also transitioned from reading picture books to full-fledged chapter books – which is hard because nearly all the beginning chapter books are geared towards girls. But the girls are enjoying their “school work”. I love how when I announce that it’s time for school they excitedly run to the table eager to learn.
Cathy Gresham was here over the weekend. The girls turn 5 on Tuesday, so she came in for a little pre-birthday goodness. It was good to catch up a little, and let her entertain my children with an endless stack of stories.
We’ve had our fair share of winter weather this week. It all started with a system last weekend that dropped about 8 inches of snow on us, then we had 2 or 3 smaller squalls come through that dropped a few more inches. That piled on top of subzero temperatures has us looking forward to spring. We’re trying to make the most of it though; our lovely mulch piles on the annex have been fun for sledding and jumping off of. And here's one of Alex I just found having fun in the snow just for kicks

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Elissa - We had the same book challenge. If Alex is ready, Choose-Your-Own-Adventure went over well here and, while they aren't chapter books, the boys really love almanacs, especially ones about sports. The Magic Tree House series is one that was loved in the beginning and they have coordinating nonfiction guides. --Kathy


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