Well Alex is sleeping in this morning, so I have a few extra moments this morning as I wait to start my day.
Over the weekend I had a girls night out. I went with some friends to a movie/dinner/game night to celebrate a friend’s graduation from nursing school. Seems like most of my nights out revolve around scrapbook get togethers. It was fun to do something different.
We had a couple of days off of school last week. It’s funny how productive I can be when there’s no school and it’s to cold/yucky to be outside. There was much reorganizing/purging done. Feels good to let go of the clutter. During my time off I also took the time to get formal lessons planned for the girls. I like to start giving my kids formal “seat work” the January before they start Kindergarten. That way we can be properly transitioned into “school mode” by the time August rolls around. Alex was not the worksheet type, so we usually just played counting games or something for his “school” during those early days. But the girls think it’s “fun” to sit down with worksheets. So they’re starting with letter/number formation.
This week the kids are starting gym classes. Alex is taking a homeschool gym class, and the girls are taking something called Energy Zone which sounds like a combination of creative movement and letters/numbers/shapes. They are so excited. One of my goals for the year is to get the kids involved in a few nonchurch extracurriculars. Expand our social horizons a little.

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