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I’m so impressed with myself for updating 2x in the same week. You have no idea.
So my son has become quite the little businessman recently. It started with him creating his own currency (because I wouldn’t let him play with real money), which led to a nice little discussion about counterfeit money. Now we’re using that money to buy and sell anything and everything. Not only are we selling stuff in a store setting, we’re paying each other to perform tasks – mostly those related to cleaning. This morning the boy actually rented a toy to his sister. Not bad.
This totally happened last week and should have been in my last post, but I completely forgot. So here it goes. We all know that Alex is a reader. Nothing new. But he’s picking up a book just for fun more and more often. So last week. He read 3 Magic Tree House books (about 70 pgs apiece) just for fun. This is in addition to 3 books of the same length he read as required reading. He read an entire book one morning before breakfast. Now we’re not making any comments about the quality of his mother who didn’t get breakfast on the table until 9:30 – that’s beside the point.
Moving on. This spring we’re trying something new. In addition to our flower garden we’re planning a vegetable garden. We’re not actually planning on eating our produce (the girls have an aversion to all things green). We’re going to donate all our produce to the local food bank. The girls are so excited. They went with me to get all our supplies, and helped pick out a few seed packets. As soon as it is above 50 degrees (and not raining) we’ll get started.
One last little tidbit to share… This weekend the kids are going to stay at Ms. Patty’s house for the whole weekend. They are sooo excited. I had a fun weekend planned scrapbooking with the girls, and Jory wanted to go visit family. So she and Mr. Jeff graciously agreed to watch our kids for us. Hopefully we are all still friends at the end of the weekend.


Meg said...

Wow, your kid likes to read: wonder where he got that from? :)

Dad said...

First - Alex and reading. "Grandma" read "A Tale of Two Cities" she got from her grandmother - in an afternoon. I read the entire Hardy Boys catalog one summer. I bet Ginger and George have similar observations.
Next - we can bring "Tiller the Hun" in from the lake to make the garden easier. Busting sod is no fun.

Meg said...


Tiller the Hun


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