Dress the gift - little girl style... part 2

So yesterday I talked a little about the bags and garland I'd made for the girls birthday (that I never got to use) I also made these fun little gift tags. Which, admittedly are a little more elaborate than I had originally intended them to be, but that's the glory of not waiting until the last minute to make something.

The first one I made was for Miss Louisa. I picked up this book about doodle stitching from my local library, and was immediately inspired by the cute, quirky designs. For her tag I used a scrap of blue cotton fabric, and some white and purple fleece for the base. Here's a great tip - if you're going to make a cute little embellishment like this, and don't want to have to worry about the ends unravelling, use felt or fleece, they don't unravel! When I had my circles and L cut, I stitched the pieces together with a colorful thread. Then I found these cute little flower sequins that I bought in a scrapbook store years ago. The sequins already had holes in them, so I secured them with a seed bead and a little bit of thread.

So this is the one I made for Annie. I used pink and white fleece for the base. I used some colorful thread for more doodle stitching, then dug through my scrapbook stuff to find the "a" charm, flower sequin, and flower paper clip. I stitched all the embellishments on by hand, but I think fabric glue would have worked fine (I was too lazy to dig mine out). To make the hole for the ribbon I used a crop-a-dile to make the hole and set an eyelet for a little added strength. I had originally intended to use the hole to put a nice twine through and wrap it around the gift, but it was just cuter this way :)

When I was done, I pinned the tags to the packages with a safety pin, and they were all set for the gifts that my girls never picked out.

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