Repurposed kids clothes - day 1

I recently cleaned out the kids dressers in an attempt to make room for the new stuff they got for Christmas. After sorting out all the stuff that was still nice enough to pass on, I had a few pieces that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. I had several pieces that were still cute but had stains or holes, and a few old favorites that my children absolutely loved that I was reluctant to get rid of. So I pulled out my sewing machine and started experimenting. I ended up with several pieces that I'll share over the next few days.
The first one is a little sack that I made for Alex. I started out with a pair of well loved brown sweat pants that had a hole in the knee. I cut the one pant leg off (the one with a hole in it) just below the hole, and set the other leg aside for another project. With the piece I'd just cut off I stitched up the side that I had just cut to be the bottom of the bag. Then the other side already had a finished seam on it which I thought would be perfect for a drawstring, so I just made a small opening and ran a piece of ribbon through it. It took me about half an hour at most.

So we ended up with a cute little bag for Alex to keep treasures in. At first he was a little miffed that I'd cut up one of his favorite pairs of sweat pants, but his initial annoyance quickly passed and he was thrilled that instead of just pitching them that I'd put them to good use. It quickly became a sleeping bag for one of his little stuffed pals that he sleeps with.

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