beating the snow blahs - part 1

As it does every year around this time, the novelty of snow is wearing off a little bit in our house. We've made snow angels, snowmen, snowforts, been sledding, on snow hikes, had snowball fights... if it involves snow, we've done it. Several times. We're all going a little stir crazy waiting for things to green up outside a little. But since we currently have 17 inches on the ground, I'm thinking it'll be awhile before anything green shows up.
This is the time of year that Mama has to get a little creative with the snow in order to keep things interesting. I have a list of activities in the back of my brain that I revisit year after year, changing one little element so that it doesn't seem like the we're doing the same exact activities we did last year.
So the first thing we're doing is snow sculptures. We start with a bowlful of snow for each kid(and a towel for a work mat), and after that it's kind of up to them. Last year we got out a bunch of little stuff that they'd never think to take outside. We used marbles, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, plastic silverware and so forth to make some rather elaborate miniature snowmen. This year we went with the play doh toys and worked our way up to kitchen utensils. At last check they were preparing a delectable feast of snow noodles and cookies.

I'll bet those snow cookies are low in calories and relatively carb free. Wonder if I could sell the recipe to Weight Watchers..........

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