Garden Study- March

I thought this year it might be interesting to take photos of my garden each month to compare the blooms/growth process, and at the end of the gardening season make a little collage. Big dreams right? Well I made it through the first month. The "snow has finally melted but everything is still dead and icky looking" month.
So here are photos of my 3 main gardens. We have the Front Garden (not to be confused with the front walk garden)

the swell garden (that was at one point shaped like an ocean swell, but we've since reshaped it)

and the Rose of Sharon garden (not to be confused with the swell garden which also has a Rose of Sharon in it).

I wish I had better names for the garden, but frankly I can't get anything else to stick...
If you look really close you can see my inch tall daffodils and irises.
Not so pretty right? I know. Come back next month.
We had a few nice days last week where we got all the beds raked out, but the weather got colder again before I could compost/mulch everything, so we have last year's tired mulch all over everything, that coupled with the brown grass makes it hard to see where the garden stops and my grass starts. I know. It'll be easier to see next month...

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