Homemade Journals day 3

Last week I shared some of the journals we've improved. My daughters kept eyeballing the journals, but I wasn't about to give them up, because frankly, they're mine! (I use one for gardening notes and the other one is a monthly account of what we are doing as a family).
So I put my thinking cap on to come up with another style of journal that I could make for each girl that would be tailored to their specific needs. Because heaven forbid I should make the same thing I already made.
So with Miss Louisa in mind, I dug through my craft stash and dug out some stuff I thought would work. I started with some purple fabric scraps, light weight but sturdy cardboard (also called chipboard), and a 3 x 5 notepad. I wanted to use the cardboard to make something that resembled a 3 ring binder, so I took the cardboard and cut it into a rectangle that measured 8 1/2 x 5 1/5. Then I measured and scored lines 4 inches from the edge, leaving a section about 1/2 inch between the scores:
Then I took two fabric scraps that measured 9 1/2 x 6 1/2 to be the inside and outside panels, and two scraps that measured 4 1/2 x 5 /2 (for the pocket I'd eventually slide part of her note pad into) and 3 1/2 x 4 1/2 (this pocket will be for pens, secret messages, or whatever she wants to keep track of), I made an educated guess as to where I would want these pockets, and sewed them in place. Then I pinned and sewed the inside panel to the outside panel (wrong sides together), leaving one seam open so I could slide the cardboard down in. Then I flipped it right side outout, stuffed the cardboard inside, and hand sewed the last seam shut. I slid the last few pages of my little notepad into the bigger pocket, and a pen into the other pocket.But it was a little boring, so I dug around in my stash until I found a felt flower and button, which I glued to the front cover.
So now Miss Louisa has a little notebook of her own to keep little thoughts and drawings in, and I don't have to worry about her stealing one of my journals.

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